Java 8 forEach examples

In this tutorial we will show you how to use Java 8 forEach method, this new approach give you a more concise way to iterate over a collection. In this post we will provide examples for using the forEach method with a Java List and also with a Java Map

Looping through a list before Java 8:

Below is an example of how to iterate through a list without using the new forEach method.

Java 8 forEach list example:

The next example repeats the same behaviour as the example above, but this time it is using the new forEach method.

The ‘s’ in the above example is a variable which contains the value of the list element


Running both of the above pieces of code produce the same output however, the new java 8 forEach approach makes things a lot more concise and easier to read.

Looping through a Map before Java 8:

The example below show how to loop through a map before Java 8.

Java 8 forEach Map example:

The following code same shows how to loop through a map using the new forEach method.

The ‘k’ and ‘v’ variables above represent the key and value of the map entry.


Running both of the examples produces the same result however, as you can see the new Java 8 forEach method makes things a lot more concise and simpler.

In conclusion I hope you found this post useful and helped you better understand how to use the forEach method.

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