How to parse a JSON file using GSON

In this post we will show you how to parse a JSON file using GSON so that you can process a JSON document.

How to parse a JSON file using GSON:

You will first need to add the following dependancy to your maven project.

The following snippet is the contents of the JSON file.

The following code sample is using GSON to parse the JSON document.

Just a few points about the example above:

  1. line 1: The Gson() object is thread safe, so you can define it once and reuse across multiple threads.
  2. line 3: The jsonObject variable represents the whole JSON document, you will use this in order to retrieve parts of the JSON document.
  3. line 5: In order to retrieve a property from the JSON document you should use the get() method.
  4. line 9:  In order to retrieve the JSON array object from the document  use the getAsJsonArray() method.
  5. line 10: In order to capture the inner JSON object you can use the getAsJsonObject() method.


Running the above code produces the following result:

In conclusion we have shown how you can use the GSON library to parse a JSON document and process it based on your application needs. In addition to this I have added some links below to the Java API documentation for any additional information you may require.

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  1. GSON user guide
  2. GSON API Documentation

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